HiveMind: Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets

Some data is too sensitive or volatile to store on systems you own. What if we could store it somewhere else without compromising the security or availability of the data, while leveraging intended functionality to do so? This presentation will cover the methodology and tools required to create a distributed file store built on top of a JavaScript botnet. This type of data storage offers redundancy, encryption, and plausible deniability, but still allows you to store a virtually unlimited amount of data in any type of file. They can seize your server — but the data’s not there!

Sean Malone
Sean Malone has been building and breaking networks and applications for the last 12 years, and he has a diverse practical and academic background in information technology and security. As a Principal Consultant and the primary engagement manager for FusionX, Sean provides clients across all verticals with sophisticated adversary simulation assessments and strategic security guidance. Sean is a key member of the FusionX internal research and development team, and his custom security assessment utilities are used in a majority of FusionX engagements.

Getting it done: Hardware project from concept to production run in 60 days

Some geek friends of mine got married this past winter and were putting on an 8-bit themed wedding. They didn’t want to have the wedding favor be a stupid hand tied bag of Jordan almonds or a small box of chocolate truffles. They wanted a cool little electronic toy that people could play with and take home with them after the wedding was over. This talk will detail how we got this project done from concept to short production run (50 units) in 60 days and under budget at less than $5 per piece.

ducksauz has been doing information security for over 15 years but since most of what he does at work is pretty intangible, he does hardware hacking projects for fun. Back on the East coast he founded DC401 and QuahogCon. Now that he’s here in Seattle, he’s on the board of Black Lodge Research, where he can be found on a semi-regular basis.

ToorCon Seattle CFP and Registration Open!

5914184353_77ca78f4b3_mToorCon Seattle was created as a small get together for ToorCon staff, supporters and past speakers to meet up and have fun in Seattle. To try and keep it a small conference we made it invite only and limited the number of people who have received challenge coins from previous events. If you feel like you contributed to ToorCon and didn’t get a challenge coin, please let us know. Otherwise, ToorCon in San Diego has always been open to the general public is extremely affordable and does not have a cap on attendance.

This year ToorCon Seattle will be happening once again! We’re scheduling the conference for the weekend of July 5th-7th where we’ll kick off the event with a block party at Ada’s Technical Books and Metrix Create:Space on Friday night, talks once again at Neumos on Saturday with festivities at the lo-fi on Saturday night, and we’ll finish off the weekend with hands-on workshops at various locations around the city on Sunday as well as other social activities happening around town.

So this is your chance to submit the newest cutting edge research you want to present to your peers or register to be one of the 150 attendees of ToorCon’s most exclusive security conference.


Stupid whitehat tricks – Robert

Stupid whitehat tricks

This talk will be a light hearted look back at some amusing hacks from my past.


Focused on computer forensics and information security defense. Earlier this year I moved back to Chicago to take a senior position on the security team of a US fortune 500 company. For the previous six years I lived and worked in Germany as a member of a computer emergency response team for a US government contractor. I split my time between working, hacking on technology, attending hacker conferences, and traveling the world. The best time are when I get to combine all four at once.

Electronic Privacy in the Era of Big Data – Big Brother *is* Watching – Pat

Electronic Privacy in the Era of Big Data – Big Brother *is* Watching

As we’ve seen recently in the Petreus matter, what you put out there (and even things you don’t actually _put_ out there) can come back to bite you. This talk will give a brief overview of the legislative whack-a-mole efforts that are the ongoing attempt to extend privacy rights into the electronic realm.


Pat Wilson retired from a career in computer sysadmin and security and has spent the last 4 years bashing her head into the rock of law school. She will sit for the California Bar in February, after which she’ll have to find a job.

WorldToor Forum – nfiltr8

WorldToor Forum

The WorldToor Forum will be held to discuss future WorldToor Events, activities, and ways we can get more participate.


I’m the Vice-Chairman of ToorCon and have been with the organization since 1999. My main role at ToorCon is operations. I’d like to consider myself a 1337 organizer of hax0r events, but in reality I’m just a nerdy caterer with a spreadsheet. My day job is the Director of Product Development at UNIXSurplus, Inc.

FPGA Crypto Tricks – h1kari

FPGA Crypto Tricks

This talk will cover some interesting tricks for cracking different lesser-known but massively deployed ciphers with FPGAs along with a real world demonstration of the implications of what happens when some ciphers are broken.


David Hulton is the co-founder and chairman of the ToorCon group of events (ToorCon San Diego, ToorCon Seattle, ToorCamp, and WorldToor). He’s also the co-founder and Director Security Applications at Pico Computing where he dedicates most of his time to breaking codes with the custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) systems that his company develops. He’s mostly known for attack research he’s published on 802.11, GSM, smart cards, automobiles, and many other widely deployed systems. He’s also the co-owner of Ada’s Technical Books — a carefully curated paradise for geeks, with his wonderful wife.