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The janitor – Incident Response to an active attack

Real life experiences handling an active attack and cleaning up after a breach. This will delve into the book taught theory and the reality of how things should be done when being actively attacked.

Matthew Hoy – mattrix has worked in the Information Security world for over 11 years in various Information Security roles from Security Analyst, Architect, Incident Response, Consultant and Management. Matt currently holds CISSP and SANS GCIH Certifications.

Most attendees would probably recognize mattrix better in a staff shirt of some kind for either Toorcon or a red shirt at Defcon.

Matt’s hobbies include Off-roading, shooting sports, fishing, hunting and technology when he has time.

HiveMind: Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets

Some data is too sensitive or volatile to store on systems you own. What if we could store it somewhere else without compromising the security or availability of the data, while leveraging intended functionality to do so? This presentation will cover the methodology and tools required to create a distributed file store built on top of a JavaScript botnet. This type of data storage offers redundancy, encryption, and plausible deniability, but still allows you to store a virtually unlimited amount of data in any type of file. They can seize your server — but the data’s not there!

Sean Malone
Sean Malone has been building and breaking networks and applications for the last 12 years, and he has a diverse practical and academic background in information technology and security. As a Principal Consultant and the primary engagement manager for FusionX, Sean provides clients across all verticals with sophisticated adversary simulation assessments and strategic security guidance. Sean is a key member of the FusionX internal research and development team, and his custom security assessment utilities are used in a majority of FusionX engagements.

Hacking then, now and in between

I will just have verbal diarrhea for 20 minutes about hacktivities that have happened and what my thought of the current state is.

old school hacker, previous colleague(?) of h1kari.

Getting it done: Hardware project from concept to production run in 60 days

Some geek friends of mine got married this past winter and were putting on an 8-bit themed wedding. They didn’t want to have the wedding favor be a stupid hand tied bag of Jordan almonds or a small box of chocolate truffles. They wanted a cool little electronic toy that people could play with and take home with them after the wedding was over. This talk will detail how we got this project done from concept to short production run (50 units) in 60 days and under budget at less than $5 per piece.

ducksauz has been doing information security for over 15 years but since most of what he does at work is pretty intangible, he does hardware hacking projects for fun. Back on the East coast he founded DC401 and QuahogCon. Now that he’s here in Seattle, he’s on the board of Black Lodge Research, where he can be found on a semi-regular basis.